What set us apart from others. A very good question. Our personality?, our will and maner to do things? No, I don’t thing so. This point is general for everybody.
Really, what set us apart from others is because the House Of Linguistic Practice is a dating platform to help. Yes to help, not to help everyone, to help only a certain category of people, those who would like to improve ther spoken English.
Our difference? – Our difference because we only help women from the ages of 30 to 55 years old and men from the ages of 30 to 65 years old which would like to transforme their life by improving their spoken English.

Our difference apart from others? – Because, our organization the House of Linguistic Practice, no miracles promise, no Bla-bla but leads people to pure practice, leads people to obtain effective results. Because our purpose is to provide a means of communication, to give effective and useful tools of work that help those categories of women and men to progress.

Our difference is also related to the fact that we don’t teach as at University. We teach as at home like parents teach children. At home, children learn quickly and understand better. Children learn within their family that is the convenient place for learning. We teach like at home. We use many time of practice.

To help our categories evolved, we make them working professionaly in a group called Linguistic Family as in a natural family. Our method is simple but effective and people are very satisfied.

Now, if you want to test this program, it’s simple, here is the link: www.talkenglishwell.com – Also, you can subscribe to our Newsletters to receive our Free seven English courses.
If you want to discover directly our secret – see our Special Offers under 3 Tiles: HLP/0 – HLP/M – HLP/m These are complete Program.

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