This tradition that continues  to this day – where does it come from? – So, we can ask the question or some questions of the kind from which this practice comes to us? Why this date? Was Valentine really holy? Was he in love himself?

It is a feast built from scratch that greatly benefits traders because it drives up the turnover.

During Valentine’s Day, lovers are happy, make gifts. Lovers are in joy. It’s the feast of lovers, of all lovers: married or not, young or old, all lovers together.    

What seems a bit incorrect for this holiday is that enumerate Saint baptizes a party in which all lovers even unmarried are admitted. But a Saint is a spiritual personality who orders things according to the will of the Creator. The true lovers recognized by God are the bride and groom.

In fact, Valentine’s Day should be a party organized in honor of the married couple: men and women Why? Because they were married before God and men. These are the true lovers that we must honor.

Otherwise, it is total disorder to mix real lovers recognized and false lovers unrecognized. A friend with a girlfriend must also celebrate valentine’s Day? No sense! In what way is this feast sanctified? This seems to a whimsical appellation for there is less serious.

We are not against lovers, but we must recognize one thing that Valentine’s Day is the feast of traders, it is they who benefit the most. The name “Saint” was used to attract the world, to make serious. Notice, all parties benefit traders such as: Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, New Year’s Eve, King’s Galettes Party. And the lovers’ party is no exception, we are full.

Every year it will be the same, they take the same and start again. Unless Saint Valentin himself decides otherwise. In the meantime, Happy birthday to all lovers of the world.

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