Many of my readers ask me how to do to improve their spoken Englis? I find that most of those who ask these kinds of questions are the ones who do not like to dho anything.They do not want to do anything anymore, they say have already done enough. Thinking thus is to forget that life is a continuous movement.

Yes indeed, life resemble a continuous movement and this in all areas: nature as whole: the seasons, the sun, the moon, the stars. That  said, the humain being, for all that he does there must be a continuous movement. Nothing stops if not the end.

What are indeed these 3 things to observe for the person who would like to improve his spoken English?

The first: LOVE. Love what you would like to do really. Why Love? Because when you love something or a person, you make a lot of sacrifices: sell it, rain it, we endure everything. The Second thing: Become aware of the tests and overcome them. Moments of discouragement by criticism, some difficult passages, financial or familial problems can weaken your dedication or motivation. It must be known to take precautions of resistance. The 3rd thing: Stay in the circular movement like the elements of the nature, and understand that in life nothing is definitive, nothing is perfect, we will always need to change, improve to become better. It’s the law of nature.

You have to understand this law applies in all areas of man. The domain of English which is a domain of learning is not exempt from this law. To improve your spoken English you have to observe the 3 elements mentioned above: a) Loving what you want to do b) become aware of the unexpected that can discourage you, face them. c) Put yourself in the infinite work circuit otherwise called, the working hard, the continuous work, repetition to improve. Here are the 3 elements to take into account.   

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