Where does the English language really come from? – This is a subject that may give rise to oppositions and contradictory debates. Today, you will discover the true origin of the English language. Yes, where does this language come from which is at the top of all languages of men in the world?

Two points of view in the presence: Modern historians view and the Tower of Babel view.

From a historical point of view: The English is a language that has evolved over time with the conflagration and cohabitation betwen different people. Their literature contains a little aspect of truth  because we can verify the sequence of periods and periods that characterize all its evolution to the present day. If you want more details about this point of view, refer to one of our articles. But, the point of view that interest us today is about the Tower of Babel.

LIMITED POINT OF VIEW. Indeed, the point of view of our modern historians is limited and does not allow them to see beyond their vision and their knowledge to explain the true origin of the English language. They can only explain to us what they have observed, what they have read, but are not able to explain the beginning of this blessed language. It has become similar to the inexplicable story of the hen and the egg: “Who comes from who”? – If one push far, this question of the egg and the hen which seems simple, my friends, raises the blow of multitude others questions which all break the head. Why? Because we are not able to bring real answers. For example: “where does the man come from? -the woman come from? – the lion, the lioness come from? etc…Do you know where do all those creatures come from? – Yes, Answers of all kinds will come out, so there is only one true answer. Do you know which one? – Continue reading.

THE ORIGIN OF ALL CREATURE. – The origin of all creatures is the Creator called by various names according to the languages: God, Yahve, Nzambé, Nkolo, Mungu etc…The limited intelligence of man can not explain everything. To understand the enigma of who comes the chicken or the egg from, one must return one’s eyes to God the Creator. It’s simple. God created the first man, the first woman, the first hen, the first rooster. God created all animals, all birds, all fish male and female. After finishing to create all creatures, God said to them :“Multiply and subdue the earth“. That’s why men and women make children; birds, fish, multiply. And also the hen and rooster have “made love” and gave little chicks through the egg.

LET’S RETURN TO OUR REAL QUESTION. – Understand dear friends readers, it’s God also who gave birth to this language which the most spoken in the world with this real story of Tower Babel. But HOW? – Follow me well. I did not invent anything. What I’m going to  tell you is verifiable and I will give you the references later. Everything goes with what we call :”The Tower of Babel” – Have you already heard about Tower Babel story? – or not yet? – It’s a true and moving story. This is where the beautiful and admired English language comes from.

In the next article, I will give you all the details of the story so that you will be better informed and reassured. After this story, I promise to tell you another and amazing story I discovered about the dialogue betwen God the Creator and His creature, an important man who must answer the overwhelming questions. A surprising, enriching and cultural article. Do not miss. A true and moving story.

That was the “Letter of Winner” by your Coach.

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    J’ai beaucoup aimé l;article sur la Tour de Babel parce que c’est là est parti toutes les langues du monde que Dieu a créé. Continue de nous révéler des vérités. D’ailleurs j’attends avec impatience la suite de ce article comme tu as promis. Jean Paul Sanchez

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