Many of my newsletter subscribers have asked me that question and I would like to respond today.

Many people not all think that to be successful in something you have to be lucky. It’s wrong and it’s fake. I think many people are of my opinion when I say: luck has nothing to do with success. Why, because, luck is one thing and success is another one. Let’s do not mix and make the difference. First of all, chance belongs to probability, contingency, hazard and so on. It’s one that man can not control, manage or master. Luck comes from the metaphysical order, rational and not sensible. Whoever says hard work says effort, physical or intellectual. This domain is one that man can control, predict, manage to build his success.

Let’s take some live examples: To become a better football player and win the golden ball, you have to work hard, luck has nothing to do. To become doctor, lawyer, engineer you have to study hard, luck has nothing to do. Saying or thinking  success, you must refer to hard work. It’s only the work that brings success. Success does not come by sleeping or dreaming. To hope for success, love hard work. My opinion is simple but universal. For more information, go and visit our

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