Yes, in our last newsletter we promised to tell you what you can do
to help your children to practice and to improve their spoken English.
Yes, there are many ways to help both young people and adults to
practice and improve spoken English. And this, without going into any
English country but staying in your own country wherever you are in
the world.
Parents, you have spent enough without expected results. Finished,
you will not lose money or time, you will instead win. After making
the unfortunate experience, you are well placed to stop doing it
To solve this problem and try to help your children, the House Of
Linguistic Practice has put in place a very rich practical program.
With this rich program, your children are invited and encouraged to
speak English right now. To go quickly, in this program there is no
theory only practice. Not only the program is rich and very well
adapted, but it’s also very stable.
Other advantages: The program has 3 variants that correspond to the
needs of each one: 1/ HLP/M – 2/HLP/mHLP/O

Each chooses the variant that suits him according to his financial
means and the prices are very affordable.
We invite you to consult our “SPECIAL OFFER” page quickly and profit
it before the prices change.

To go to this page “SPECIAL OFFER” click www.talkenglishwell.com

If this article has spoken to you, give us your opinion or your
comments, they will be welcome even in French language. Thank


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