Abandoned on their own, parents are obliged to send their children
on linguistic holiday every years to make practice. This for those who
can financially.
Finally we notice that the results are unsuccessful and disappointing.
If this is commendable for parents, but it requires to always provide a
good budget. There is also the issue of management that is not well
After a month in the field (London, USA, Malte for instance) can the
kids bring back conclusive results? No impossible. In truth your kids
can not improve their spoken English only in 3 or 4 weeks even you
send them to an English speaking country. Impossible for the
concrete results. Do not dream! Actually, it takes a long stay at least
from 2 to 3 years. There, it’s possible.
Money lost for nothing! It’s the role for every parent: the sacrifice,
the affection. In fact, the idea is honorable, but coaching is not
Agencies and organizers of linguistic holidays, once cashed their
money, do not even care if your child worked well or not during his
holiday. No, It’s not their onions anymore.
In the next newsletter, we will tell you what you can do to help your
children without going to any English speaking country.






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