“Why aren’t our college kids able to speak English?”

This question has been asked to me several time by mothers who are
worried about seeing their children not being capable to speak
English even formulate a little sentence in English.
However, the only thing that they possess is the theory. Yes many
theory (grammar points, some expressions, some grammar rules) but
no practice.
This problem is not new. To be honest, children are not wrong,
parents neither. It’s the fault of National Education program. The
question of the practice to help your children does not interest them.
Everyone knows that a language to be complete that means
operational and functional, involves theory and practice. Without
practice, the theory is not useful.
The National Education said indirectly through its program:”ok, we
did our part with the theory, now to you parents to take care of the
practical part. Theory for us and practice for you.
That’s what happens in France and I don’t know about other non-
English country.
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