Who is student for life? I would say we all without exception: children and adults. We are all in the same boat. Let me explain: as long as we are alive, we must think of ourselves as learners or students whether we like it or not. This is a volontary and liberal way (cultural passion) or in a way imposed by the requirements and norms that govern a society (it takes a diploma to become a doctor, a drive licence to drive a car  for instance etc…).

Student or learner for life, yes, we are all. It’s a seed that is anchored in us and develops with us. It’s a gift from God and it’s natural. As long as we are always in possession of our intellectual and organic capacities, we always be  asked to remain  lifelong learners. In fact, a learner for life because throughout our existence on earth, we will have infinite desire to discover new things, discover the world, learn new languages, techniques, do research, deepen, improve, update and this in all areas of man.

Learner for life? Yes, learner or student forever. As long as man still breathes, the desire to learn, to study or to discover will never be extinguished. Man will not leave his status as a learner or student for life until God has put an end to his life.

Question: “What obliges the man or the woman to remain in this state for life”? – It’s the elements that compose him and her. The elements which are into him (inside) and those are out him (outside). Let me explain myself: First of all within the man including the woman, there is: the envy, the spirit of curiosity, the questions of Why? How?, When?etc...there are various feelings: Joy, Fear, Hatred, Doubt, Love,etc..and many others. All thse elements are in the human naturally and in a living way.  Who has never experienced all of these listed factors?- No one can, because this is true.

Now, what to say about external human elements? – Outside the man we have: the Nature that means, all the elements of Nature on which man bases his conviction, his questions, his study, his reasoning ( the moon, the sun, the stars, the climate etc…. The man wants also to understand: “Who is the man?, Why wars in the world?, What solutions for universal peace? “Why,Why and Why” All these external factors related to this existence push the human to ask many questions about finding solutions to infinity. There is also the society in which man lives and imposes on him a mode of live that he has not chosen. The social, economic, political competition, that pushes the man to be on top: how to be always the best, the strongest etc….

The power to dominate? Yes, the power looking to dominate others and how to be powerful every time. All this forces the man to study, to find new strategies. About information: man wants to be informed and to be aware of everything that is happening around him and in the world. The man studies the means of faster and more efficient communication (the internet, the mobile phone, the satellite, the plane, the means of navigation, the automobile…).

All these diffent reasons make the man feel pushed to seek to learn , to understand. He is very curious. He wants to know everything. He will continu to look for ways to discover and that’s what makes him a student, a researcher to like. Only death will put an end to this state of student or learner for life. I think you will agree with me. Yes, beyond the end of the reading of this article, you will ask yourself questions so you will play the role of student or researcher. I encourage you. To good reader, hello!.

That was the “Letter of Winner” by your Coach.


    • Chomy-Chora says:

      Hello, my friend.I’m very happy to have read your comment about “Student for Life”. We are going in the same direction of thought.That’s right, as long as we are alive, we’ll have to deal with the mmany issues around us. It show that we are alive. The end of everything for man is death.I also wish that God fills you and always gives good ideas to bring good solutions that the word asks. See you later.

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