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My name is Simon Casicaux Chomy, Director of “House Of Linguistic
Practice” I work with a dynamic team of 4 specialists. I live France. I
created this blog because I wanted to share my experiences by
helping others.
After a long time of suffering, trying to improve my spoken English, I
ended up discovering a simple but very effective techniques to
improve English speaking without wasting time and money.
Yes, it’s obvious. We all have a need to satisfy, a goal to reach or a
solution to our problem.
Sometimes, we really do not know how to get out, despite the will
we can have. It was my case. It’s always painful and I’ll always
remember that time.
My problem, I had English theoretical notions. I was rich in grammar
but poor in practice. I could not find anyone to speak. I was good at
writing it, but it was talking that interested me.
Thanks to a friend who helped me. He made me discover his secret to
improve spoken English. He gave me some advices. He opened his
heart to me and showed me how he did. I can not forget his help.
And that make me want to help others too.
Today, thinking of my gallery, I can not remain selfish and not
wanting to help. Don’t worry. My most ardent desire was to improve
my English speaking not writing. I think it’s the same for you.
Actually, I feel happy and proud when I’m talking with people.

Don’t worry. If you are in that situation like I was, I can help you
because I too was helped. I have the solution to your problem. It’s
not the word but the action you are going to live.

After going round in circles, suffered, lost time and money and finally
being helped by someone, I now understood.
Today, I can help you satisfy your need: Boost and improve your
spoken English with a simple, effective and fast methods called the
“Advanced English Courses” in 7 steps. And by integrating the
Linguistic Family.
I must admit that the idea of this solution does not come from me,
but I am allowed to share it. That’s why I want to help you too.
As promised, today I am going to reveal to you the secret of my
success. First, let me ask you these questions:
– How long did you take to learn English?
– How long have you been trying to improve your spoken
– How much money and lost time?

These questions, I know them and I understand you very well. Now,
it’s over, you’re going to rejoice.
The secret?: Is to show you how you will integrate a group of people
with whom you will practice English all the time called “Linguistic
Family” under the guidance of a Leader. Is to show you how you will
evolve quickly by applying simple methods. Is to show you how to
enrich your vocabulary. Is to show you how to get motivated, to do a
lot of practice in depth. Practice again and again until you get

mastered. Practice with partners that you see every day. What a
beautiful life!
Advantage: Linguistic Family members are people who live in your
city, your neighborhood, your street not living USA, LONDON or
NIGERIA in Africa.


Yes, I know how you feel…me too like you, I used to have the
same sensation…Yes, I know these pains, these frustrations,
these worries. I understand you. Today I propose you my
solution that has transformed my life. This Solution worked
for me, it will definitely work

“ADVANCED PRACTICAL COURSES”. It’s the method that suits you to
boost your English spoken that you search. Do it Right Now!
With this method, you will discover a lot of advantages in your favor:

– 1.You will learn quickly and well
– 2.No annoying theories
– 3.Only practice and practice
– 4.Never be abandoned, always supervised and guided
– 5.Never be alone, always

I will explain you my secret, how I managed to improve my spoken
I will explain you how I got out, you may have tried many methods
that did not work.
I understood your problem. Because, me too went there: I went
around in circles, I lost time and money. Yes, I succeeded, that is why
I want to help. What you are looking right now is to improve and

master your spoken English. You want something concrete, you need
a solution, real and better results right now!
My original solution. What I propose to you is an original solution not
a magic portion. I am not a dream seller. There will be a program to
follow step by step and a little will on your part. In other words, you
should work before you get there like all the world champions. Me
too. I worked with will and perseverance. You need to believe.
Success is not a question of luck but work hard.
Remember. How many methods have you tried before?

How much time and money lost?
How many times have you had discouragement and

After all these questions, I propose you my solution which is simple,
effective and direct: “Work in a group called Linguistic Family
supervised by a Leader” a well structured group consisting of men
and women motivated like you.. Work with men and women living in
your neighborhood, in your building, in your city or your road. No
need to go to London, to America or Nigeria, only by staying in your
own country. We will help you for that.

I will show you : How to find these people easily?

How to become member of this linguistic family?
How is the family organized to perfect English?
How to integrate the family? And it’s free.

The “Linguistic Family” is your solution. The only place to practice
your English as much you want. With le Linguistic Family you will
progress very quickly, since you are a member of the group and you
will have all time people to talk. To have many theories in mind is
good but if you do not practice for lack of partners, you lose
everything. English is like Tango, you have to be two to dance it.
Try our solution. When trying our original solution, you don’t take
any risk, since you are guaranteed 100/100 – satisfied or refunded
after 30 days …
Today, we give you the unique opportunity to test our solution. As
we had said, our solution is not magical, nor is unique, but it’s
realistic because founded on the practice. Certainly, it may have
points to review, but it was thought to be effective and bring results

Here you are all you will receive to get started.

  • The Complete 7 Steps Pack
  • With 5 Modules each rich in informations
  • Free Coaching Hours (according to the formula)
  • The Booklet of The Leader with Techniques
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