OUAHO! Do you want to boost your hesitant spoken English?

Why is Practice more important than theory? Let’us discover the interest of the practical by report to theory. As you know, any language finds its true meaning in practice; Linguistic theory is an indispensable phase for learning a modern language. However, it would be insignificant without practice. Any linguistic theory not followed by practice is similar to a dead letter. What is the use  of sacrificing oneself to accumulate as much theory without being able or willing to transmit the theory in practice?

To be useful, a language must be spoken as a communication tool. Many people are rich in theory but poor in practice especially for people from non-English speaking countries and also students. Certainely they are able to write beautiful letters but unable to hold a small conversation. The lack of regular practice has made their lips heavy. Thus, at the end of some time of non-use of bookish notions: grammar, vocabulary and consort, evaporate in nature. What a pity!

Love and search by all means to develop your English by a continuous and sustained Practice. It’s also a question of will. If you want to discover the world, meet people, communicate with the world a good advice: “Practice Plus” and “Theorize Less”.Why? Because practice as a key, opens you all the doors of the communication. A quote says: “The theory in the pocket but the practice in the mouth…”. To express oneself, one can do without theory. Yes, the most you practice the best you do.

And what about children? Children who learn to speak don’t need theory even until the age of seven (7) if not beyond! How do they end, We understand each other well, I would say, we understand them very well. Another category: those who have not had the chance to go far or not at school; how do we communicate with them? The answer is obvious: they have no theory but have the practice that allows them to communicate. They improve only by practicing with various people.

That said, we do not, never, underestimate the importance of the theory that seems as a path finding guide, but a lot of effort must be attributed to the Practice, because only the practice goes and can make you better and proud. I you speak a lot and often you will improve yourself inevitably.

How can you obtain the power of the practice? If you practice very often, day after after, day after day without giving up, we will gain matery of speech, you will also enrich your mindset. The power of Practice will transform you, it will make you acquire another way of expressing yourself, it will make  you want to confront anyone, it will give you confidence. It’s obvious, the one who practices every day and regularly and the one who does little or no, the difference is clear.

The power of practice is observed in different areas: sport, music, intellectual work, manual work, art, dance etc…. In the field of sport: a footballer, a boxer, a tennis player who stops training will see his performance down. To stay on top, like the sportman, you have to keep the rythm of practice. The same, to improve in English, you have to practice a lot. You have no choice. To become champion, you have to work hard and this is the rule of the winners.

But, how to go about it? It requires, well- ordered methods, techniques, perseverance, and a great will. We can help you getting all these techniques and methods. We will also help you to avoid going in all directions, losing energy, getting decouraged and giving up. Do not panic! we can provide you with effective advice to help you for free. Just ask them.

Finally, the true power of practice is in practice itself, in continuous practice, in methodical and intellingent practice, in collective practice not in solitary practice. We are ready to help you in this direction to get there. The true power of pratice is obtained in a linguistic family. In the next article, we will talk  widely about this linguistic family: We will explain in detail what does it mean, how and why to integrate it?

That wa the “Letter of Winners” by your Coach.  See you soon

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