The Linguistic Family. What we want is to focus on the tools that allow people to express themselves : first ; destroy the barriers that block people and second, create the effective material conditions that drive them to express themselves. By barriers we mean for instance: fear, lack of confidence, doubt etc…And by material conditions we mean: the platform of meetings constituted by individuals animated by the same desire to express the language they like, they love we should say. It’s not enough to have a lot of theoretical knowledge, but very essential is, to emphasize your knowledge. Why, Simply by practicing with a group of people with whom you share, discuss, exchange. And only the Linguistic Family can help you. For that reason, you must become a member of the Linguistic Family right now.

The advantage of Linguistic Family. Working alone? No. Working into a group? Yes. – Working alone on linguistic progress is unthinkable. The only royal way today is to work together as this group of people. Linguistic Family is the place to help each other, to support each other, to encourage each other. The Linguistic Family is the place you need to develop and improve your spoken English. Linguistic Family members are real close people. They are not people, neither imaginary nor distant. They are people in your city, your neighborhood or even in your street. No, they don’t live in New York, England, Australia or Nigeria but in your environment. Yes, in your environment.

But how to find them and how to join them? – Yes, you’re right to ask these questions. Do not worry! When you decide to start our paid courses, we will explain all the tips: how to find partners, people who have the same desire as you. We will explain you how to get in touch with these people. We will explain you how the Linguistic Family works.

Very simple? – Yes, it’s very very simple and you will be transformed and happy to belong in this human and cultural space. Very simple because we set rules for the mutual respect of members: the humility, the spirit of mutual aid, banish the spirit of criticism, the spirit of pride. We also set the rules of sanctions and exclusion.

Read our section ”Articles” – You can also read our section “Articles” where we have also spoken on this subject “Linguistic Family”. Go ahead, you will learn a lot too. Work in a group like Linguistic Family. People say: “ Unity is strength. Never stay alone”!