Like Andrew or Androîka

you want to improve your spoken English to a very good level, a higher level which you have dreamed of forever.


You’re dying to express yourself much better than before, with speed, precision and confidence. You can.


You want to prove to your friends that you are capable and proud to be part of the peple who speak English fluently. Do it.


Indeed, all this is possible and achievable.

How? Because the House Of Linguistic Practice has got a flexible program to help people like you. It’s flexible and easy because it’s based only on practice. No time with the boring theory. The few notions of grammar we possess are enough.


Tell me. How do children from 3 to 5 yeards old speak well? without having all the notions of grammar? and more can not read or write?


This is exactly the method proposed by our program. The child learns in his family. Our program also encourage our partners-members to work, to improve in the family called:”Linguistic Family”. 


Click above to get more about the “Linguistic Family”




Discover all that we can bring you for your success. Know that, success, happiness don’t come alone, we must go to meet him, we must go find out.


The same. Do not wait for a beautiful girl to fall suddenly in your arms,you will wait a long time. But, you must discover her even if she loves you. It’s the law of nature.

 Enjoy the benefits of our program.  See you soon.



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