The Bible says : “there will be many called but few elected ». Yes, in
a marathon, we always start a multitude, men and women
together. Everyone with the idea of touching the finish line.
Everyone is fighting to win. It’s without mercy and everyone for
Many people initially but little on arrival with only one champion.
They are the strongest who arrive and the others are eliminated.
It’s the image of life. For a given project, there are many called but
there are always eliminations. But what make the difference?
Certainly, the methods of preparation, the techniques and also the
quality of the coach.
Is that enough? One would believe. But not. It lacks the
psychological side such as: Determination, Will, Perseverance…
As in life, there are also in the marathon race candidates who give
up at the last minutes. They eliminate themselves because they
were afraid.
Often, people start well something with the spirit to go to the end,
they give up when they still needed a little effort to get there. And
after months or years they regret :”… ah…if I had continued..”. In
fact, in the race as in life what matters is not to take the first place
but to arrive, to be in the peloton, to reach the finish line. Not
everyone will be a champion the same day. You can another day.
The secret is not to give up. Continue doing, reading, working.

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