No? I don’t think so. When it comes to learning a language, it is not enough. Take the case of the English language which is the object of our study.

Have a good diploma is a marvelous thing that we could congratulate and rejoice. It’s a royal road but not the finality. Why? Because a language has two stages: theory and practice. When you have earned your diploma, you have not yet won the practical part.

With only the diploma or theory, you can not speak English, yes, you can actually write it very well. In reality, when we learn a language, its purpose is to SPEAK IT when we consider that like a communication tool.

A language like English which is become international forces us, when we have a good diploma, to speak it necessarily. Having a diploma and not speaking the language is like a dead letter because you lose everything over time. This problem often happens to NON-ENGLISH SPEAKERS living in a non-English speaking country. Why? Because they do not find people around them to practice.

To resolve about this dramatic problem and try to help those who want to practice or improve their English speaking, no need to go to the USA, LONDON or NIGERIA…We have created an effective platform to practice while staying in his country which called The”LINGUISTIC FAMILY”. To find out more here is the link


Get closer to this well-known quote “P.M.P.” Practice Makes Perfect.

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