A true story surprising and funny I’m going to tell you now.
This is a man, a passer-by who wanted to save a child drowning in a
frozen river. The hardest thing, the man did not know to swim and
in his turn he drowned too.
It’s another passer-by, all young, who saved the two who were
Short. This story was told to me, it touched me and I wanted to
share with you. It reminds me of the desire to come to the rescue of
someone who needs it. The man who told me this story had tears in
his eyes. He said to me:”…Incredible…I knew that I did not know to
swim, but for me to drown this child and die was too strong. I thank
God who sent a youth who came to save us. How he did that, I do
not know”.
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This is very humanity touching. It’s because, I remember it’s the
love of helping someone in difficulty or who wants to get out of it.
In live, we all need to be helped even a moment. And we must learn
to help.
Today, I come too to help those who need it. I give you the chance.
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