“HELP! HELP! I’m Lost, I don’t go out, I’m Alone

Help…Help” That was how Santos Macara complained, a very discouraged man. What could himself do? Actually, he needed help. Yes, he liked being helped. But how? – So, we adviced him not to stay alone but to integrate what we call a “Linguistic Family” if he wants to improve and wake up his spoken English sleeping. He accepted our advice, integrated a “Linguistic Family” we recommanded him. Today while we are writing this article, Santos who lives in Brazil is fulfilled man. He speaks English fluently thanks to “Linguistic Family” and continues to attend and never give up and yet he was ready to abandon all.

Linguistic Family“, This is exactly what we are going to talk right now through this article as promised. We will explain this concept of “Linguistic FamilY” on three points: (sometimes, we’ll use the abbreviation L.F.) 1/ The “L.F.” What is that and what is its importance? – 2/How to discover it? – 3/How to integrate it?

A “Linguistic Family”? –  “L.F” like a biological family, is a place composed of the members who make it live: (a father, a mother and children (brothers and sisters). A place where members of the family stay together, make many things together, a place where to communicate, to share, to exchange, a place where  intimate relationships develop, the place where one learns to live in perfect union. The place where one supports oneself, one lives the moments of joy like that of misfortunes, it ‘s the place where love must reign, support oneself, help oneself, where the strong must support the weak, where conflicts are settled wisely, where forgiveness and peace reign also. Moreover, a French proverb says:”The clothes sal are advent with family”.

The importance of the “L.F.” is very pratical and social as in a biological family. Unlike the legal nature that separates them, there are many similarities from the point of view of the social and human framework. In biological family we find human beings who are the members, a hierachy (father, mother, children) who are the actors who make the entity live. In the same way, we find in a “L.F” members who give life to this union (a leader, members, partners). The importance of belonging to a family reveals many advantages: to be a member of a family is to feel framed, protected, helped, supported and happy. Being alone is to be like abandoned, without support and unhappy. The “L.F.” allows its members to take a good hand, to support each other. Alone, without the “L.F.”, you will not be able to anything, to pregress, to judge the level of your improvement, you will obsviously be lost.

Santos. The case of Santos proves the real need to want to quickly integrate a family; Santos has suffered a great deal believing to go to New-York to boost his Spoken English, but he could not because he had no money. How much does it cost to go to? (the cost of stay, the plane return ticket etc…) simply for looking to improve his spoken English. Santos did not know that there was another simple way around him that was able to help him solve his problem : the “Linguistic Family” that is in his country (Brazil), in his neighborhood, men and women who have the same want him more without spending a single penny. And since we introduced him to a “Linguistic Family“, Santos became happy because he achieved what he wanted. That’s the raison why a Linguistic Family is very significant.

How to discover a “Linguistic Family”? Indeed, there are several ways in which two are more common: by oneself while exerting its curiosity through the Internet, by media information or by that called “the word-of-mouth”. In truth, it is not easy to  find out the treasure we are looking for. Fortunately, today, with the Internet, we manage to find some answers to our questions. To discover a “Linguistic Family” you are looking for,  simply, visit our website :www.talkenglishwell.com  and all the informations on how to proceed will be issued. Santos, after having been informed by a friend, had the courage to send us his e-mail in which he shouted: “Help, Help…” that you had read the title of our article.

How to integrate a Linguistic Family? To integrate a Linguistic Family, you must of course discover it, then approach it to know it, and finally to integrate it. Y ou must be admitted to be part of the family. You must be recommanded and accept the conditions imposed to live in harmony with all other members of the family in which you are going to improve your English. These conditions are essential for the safety of each and the group, for the mutual respect between members. The family is a well- organized space, it is normal that rules that govern the group be rigorous. When a member of the group goes against the established rules can be punished by warnings or leave the family permanently.

Finally, you must understand one thing and the most essential in our opinion: the most important is not to possess an ocean of theorical knowledge (vocabulary, grammar, idioms, beautiful expressions, rich library, good readings or writing letters…), but the very very important and more desirable is to belong to a “Linguistic Family”. Only the Linguistic Family will allow you to evolve, to progress, to acquire the mastery of Spoken English you like. Alone, like Cruzoé isolated in his island, you will not be to do anything at all. The “L.F.” is an indispensable “tool of work”, a social tool for you. All the members of ht “.F.L”  are both members and privileged partners for your progress. Avoid staying alone, integrate a family if you want to go on. Don’t stay alone like a single finger,; because, a single finger as big as it may be, will not be able to lift a heavy object, it must be a set of fingers: five or ten. As they say: “Union is Strength“.

Here’s the secret for those who have been looking for a long way to get there without spending the money, the time , the efforts. Now that you know the road, the ball is in your camp. This article is beautiful gift for you and opened your eyes. Act right now!

That was the “Letter of Winners” by your Coach. See you soon.

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