Today’s cultivated women. Don’t stay behind!
Act as we are able and do not be afraid!
Today, women are revolutionizing the world.
Women are moving the world. It’s century of  women.
Dos as we are doing. Come and do it right now.
We meet regulary with our Leader to improve our level of spoken English. We have become a real Linguistic Family: we exchangee, share, encourage each other and have fun.
Wheter you are a house wife, an office worker or a businesswoman, we must have the knowledge of English which has become a unversal language. 
As you can see, we practice English here in a very friendly and friendly atmosphere. Make the decision to join the family: we will support you, help you to progress, it is solidarity between women.
The program of the House Of Linguistic Practice is very excellent and very flexiblle, easy to follow.
Here are the Program with 3 variants that you can choose:  1) HLP/M     2)HLP/m       3)HLP/O
You can see their price to the Page “SPECIAL OFFER”