YES, English language is simply a tool or a means of communication. There is for that two ways of communicating: by writing and by speaking. Between the two ways existing, spoken way is the most used. Indeed, we speak more than we are writing in a day. For this raison, it’s in our interest to improve our  speech.

Now, a question arises: How to process to improve your speech? – In reality, this question concerns all the languages of the world, not just English language. To answer this question, many people will say: “you have to practice a lot”. That answer, in reality is correct but for me I find that it is not complete. Why? Because it lacks a lot of basic elements such as: partners, methods, psychological elements. To name only those.

Yes, partners. Partners are very important because a language is like a tango dance always with a patner, never alone. Likewise a language, you need a partner, never alone. Always two or more. It’s a communication tool. Maany people don’t know who to talk to to improve their English. This question often concerns non-English speakers. It’s very difficult to non-English speakers to meet partners for practicing a lot. So it’s not enough to just “talk a lot”.

Methods. Why a method? – To achieve good results in any field, it’s better to work on the basis of method, a plan, or a technique because you save time, money and effort, because you follow something that has proven itself, something already experienced. A work done with method, plan ot technique is intelligent work where there is 99% success.

Indeed, talking a lot gives you the opportunity to grow and improve. But as we said, you have to speak with regular partners and this a real concern. Never mind, we have put in place methods to practice without wasting time, effort or money. We also developed techniques to find permanent partners with whom you can practice all the time, we show you how to find them easily, how to get them interested in joining you in a group called Linguistic Family to practice very often.

PSYCHOLOGICAL ELEMENTS. We also alluded to psychological elements such as: Motivation, Determination, Self-confidence, Patience. Why? Because, it’s not enough just to have partners, methods, it also requires Will, Determination, Patience … We will not develop these elements today, we will do so in future articles.  Read on.

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