Boost your English Spoken without going in an other country is possible. Yes, you can improve your spoken English without going to New York, London or Nigeria in Africa. It’s realizable while staying in your own country. Tell me, how much money will be spent for a language study trip? That to say: plane return ticket, all inclusive stay fees, length of stay etc…. Question: “How much will it come back to you? Sincerely?…Of course, the note will be salty. Other question: What result? To be honest, thin too thin not to say nil.

A recent study done on language travel in all languages shows that for a luanguistic trip to be profitable with satisfaction, it takes at least 6 months totally immersed in the atmosphere of the language of its approach. Six months of stay in the country of the language of your choice (English for instance) let’s admit that this is not given to everyone; except if the compagny sends you because of work. There is the pocket of the boss who pays.

The agencies organize many linguistic trips which, for the most part, can be qualified as bogus because of the mediocre results they give at the end of these “famous” trips said falsely linguistic. Many parents sent their children to English-speaking countries throught thoses linguistic trips in order to give to their children the lack to improve their English speaking, unfortunatelly, they are always desappointed with the discouraging results brought by their children back from these linguistic journeys of the countries.

However, as we said above, you can boost your spoken English without necessarily going to New York City, London, Nigeria in Africa or whenever, I don’t know. Yes, indeed, you can develop and speak your English fluently while staying in your own country or in your neighborhood. Maybe, you will tell me: “No, it is not possible” or ask me : “How this could be possible?” Let me tell you. Yes, not only that is possible, but also it feasible, realizable. How? – Look, there are thousand and thousand men and women around you, and even young people who want to boost, improve and wake up their sleeping English. Like you, they crave to communicate, share, exchange, but they don’t know what to do – they haven’t got money to go to USA, England or Africa.

As you are full of theoretical knowledge, they have also accumulated a lot of theoretical knowledge (grammar, vocabulary, idioms, expressions …) but they regret the fact that they are losing everyday everything through lack of continuous practice. But with this human potential around you, we will discover for you how to take advantage of this opportunity. Today, we have discovered and will show you how you will improve your English practice without much effort, without spending a single penny of your pocket, without going in an other country. We will teach you how to discover these people in your neighborhood, how to contact them, how to approach them, how to organize sharing together your passion to improve your spoken English that sleep in you.

We will also teach you how to enrich your knowledge, your vocabulary, how to destroy the barries that often block you and prevent you from moving forward. These barries are numerous example: the fear, the look of others, the shame, the criticism of your entourage etcc… And besides, how to acquire the confidence in you, to acquire a will acting. It s time for you to move don’t get sleeping again.  Bye Bye See you soon in the next message.

That was the “Letter of Winners” by your Coach

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