The story between two friends. He tells him: “…my friend, why are
you worried like that about wanting to learn this language of the
whites men? Do the Englishmen bother to want to learn your
language of Bamako? You waste your time for nothing. Give up!”
Incredible! People with backward reflections still exist. You must
not listen to them. The word is changing.
The English language does not belong only to the English. There is
no border between languages. Today, the English language is
became a communication tool in all over the world. Learning to
speak English opens you the doors of all countries.
English is everywhere, it’s the language of business, of international
conferences, of sports meetings between nations, of tourism, of
music…If you are learning English now continue your way do not
listen the discouraged.
If you are learning English or perfecting it, bravo! Go on and never
listen to those who are unable to do as you do.
Of course, learning something at the beginning requires a bit of
little sacrifice and that’s normal because it’s the price to pay. Only
the fighters get there as in a marathon.
Question: How many people speak English in the world? It’s
impressive. Go! A little exercise for you. I invite you to ask this
question to Google, he will give you the answer right away. I also
invite you to read our articles on our blog. Good reading.

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