Many of my newsletter subscribers have asked me that question and I would like to respond today.

Many people not all think that to be successful in something you have to be lucky. It’s wrong and it’s fake. I think many people are of my opinion when I say: luck has nothing to do with success. Why, because, luck is one thing and success is another one. Let’s do not mix and make the difference. First of all, chance belongs to probability, contingency, hazard and so on. It’s one that man can not control, manage or master. Luck comes from the metaphysical order, rational and not sensible. Whoever says hard work says effort, physical or intellectual. This domain is one that man can control, predict, manage to build his success.

Let’s take some live examples: To become a better football player and win the golden ball, you have to work hard, luck has nothing to do. To become doctor, lawyer, engineer you have to study hard, luck has nothing to do. Saying or thinking  success, you must refer to hard work. It’s only the work that brings success. Success does not come by sleeping or dreaming. To hope for success, love hard work. My opinion is simple but universal. For more information, go and visit our


Many people ask me :”what is the best method to improve one’s English”? This is a question that comes up quite often.

Why is this question often asked?  Simply because there is a plethora of methods on the market and you have to make choice. One of my subscribers to my newsletters wrote to me one day saying, I quote:”The English language is like in a vast ocean where you have to pay attention to the risk of getting lost” end quote.

Obviously, there are not any methods that are missing; there are all the colors: good ones and bad ones. But how to choose? This is the real question.

All methods are sales products and as such, they are found in the  market place. It’s by the advertisement made by their salesman that they are discovered.

Generally, a method is always presented as enclosed in a tin can, as long as you have not tasted, you will know nothing to judge or appreciate it.

The only thing that attracts us to determine our choice is the advertising in which the seller of the method invent the qualities and the fast results that possess his product.  And there, all the blows are allowed: good and bas mix. Only when you have consumed the method then you can be able to judge of the real value and the real quality of the product purchased: good or not.

Beware of “dream seller”, advertisements that promise miracles like “…in 3days, in 3 months…You’ll speak English right away!…”. It’s easy to understand that no one can learn or improve his spoken English in a very short time, especially if you live in a non-English country. It takes time and will.

To make the right choice, here are the tips: 1) thoroughly analyze advertisements to avoid false promises 2) Opt for ads that give reasonable time 3) Ads that tells you the true:” yes, there are results but working also 4)See also testimonials and comments. Make the good choice.


The Bible says: “No one is a prophet at home”. This is true and we live it daily. When we have an important project that we would like to achieve, we are always very happy to talk to our most intimate friends, our parents, our companions, our husband  or our wife. The idea itself is not bad. That shows the spirit of sharing. But error!

The problem is what? Actually, a project to realize is a subjective,  personal idea that emerges in us in an individual and secret way, that we feed daily in our head, our mind. Your idea is formed in you as an embryo in the sale of his mother, takes shape and fate about some time (9 months for a child to be born). During the time that your “idea-embryo” was born in you and its maturation, nobody was aware. It’s just when, after having matured it well that you found the joy of wanting to announce it to your entourage, believing yours will rejoice with you, you will be surprised of their negative and discouraging reactions such as:”…stop your bullshit…”, “ …you’re not able, give up because a lot have failed…” “…before, yes no more now, time changed…” “…time is changed…” “…the global economy is not   going well…”. Let’s agree, especially if your project is about starting a business.

Why? For Three simple reasons: 1. Your project is not theirs. So, they totally ignore it. – 2. They did not meditate as you did for months. – 3. You’re not prophet before them even you perform miracles. They know you since your childhood. Jesus did many miracles, but he was not recognized as a prophet by his, but he went to the end. An encouraging example to imitate.

Your projects, entrust them but not to everyone. One bad word can discourage you. Your project, entrust it to those who are already in what you would like to do. Themselves can advice you, support you and not relatives. It’s truth, it’s not mean. The testimonials are numerous. Remember, “No one is a prophet at home”. Do not worry. When you will succeed with your project, they will all approach to kiss you, to congratulate you and their language will change. And there, you will become a “prophet”.