We are specialized linguistic structure.

We create “human tools” called “Linguistic Family” that allow people to wake up and boost their speaking English sleeping without going to USA, England or Nigeria only in staying in their home country.

Our mission is to help people, to encourage them, to show them how to break down some barriers that prevent them from believing in their ability, to give them confidence to achieve their goal: speak English with pride. For more information about “Linguistic Family” read our recent article.

Another aspect of our mission.

Certainly, our primary mission is to help people improve their English Speaking to achieve their goal. But, our mission does not stop there. We would like also to help spread knowledge of the English language around the World. To raise awareness of the beautiful language again and again. Yes, our participation is tiny but it is useful. We want to interest people in loving this universal language. It is a gift from God.

We are a team of 4 specialists.

We create also different tools of work to facilitate the job of those who would like to improve their spoken English. We put in place: Methods (How To Start a Conversation, How to Enrich and Memorize one’s vocabulary easily? How to improve one’s pronunciation…) – Techniques(How to eliminate tics by talking, How to Improve one’s accent, How to learn how to express fast…)We give many free advices. Our team is constantly working to find best ingredients that would help our practitioners to progress. We also write and publish on( many interesting articles on various topics to inform our readers. Our team is also preparing to publish interesting themes videos through our YouTube Channel :”Talk English Well.

French and Lingala languages.

The House Of Linguistic Practice with the collaboration of our team plans to broaden the cultural scope of its activities by including the Spoken French linguistic sector (Speech Technique in public, Eloquence…) and the LINGALA sector (an African language spoken in Black Africa, but also by some Westerners, in France, in Belgium).

The House of Linguistic Practice. it ‘s your pratical platform that will help you Boost and Improve your English.

  •           Finished to feel alone, isolated as Cruzoé in his island
  •           Finished the Englishman stuffed with boring theories
  •           From now, you will be integrated into a structured human family
  •           From now, you will discover new methods of working
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